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RIFT Versus SW:TOR – An Observation on With It-ness

I find it very interesting that RIFT gets mass appeal for being a game that’s adapted to the times, yet SW:TOR has absolutely not. In fact, I’d say the folks at Bioware pretty much stopped learning right around 2008 with WAR’s warfronts. Few people mention this, despite their being back to back releases (figuratively anyways). …

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The Multiverse – Episode #17: “Ferrel Offends EVERYbody”

Happy Tuesday Folks, Another week, another Multiverse. Riknas was under the weather this week, so it was just Ferrel and I, with Ferrel at the helm. I’ve gotta say, I kind of like being a co-host. And a harvest queen– you’ll just have to listen to get that one. Ferrel was in rare form, too. …

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