The Multiverse – Episode #17: “Ferrel Offends EVERYbody”

Happy Tuesday Folks,

Another week, another Multiverse. Riknas was under the weather this week, so it was just Ferrel and I, with Ferrel at the helm. I’ve gotta say, I kind of like being a co-host. And a harvest queen– you’ll just have to listen to get that one.

Ferrel was in rare form, too. I’m pretty sure there’s a thin slice of people he didn’t offend, but it’s hard to say. You can direct your hate mail to multiversepodcast@gmail.com and let him know how you feel. Just remember, he looks a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger, so choose your words wisely my friends.

Without further delay, here are this weeks amended notes.

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Heroes of Might and Magic Online hits Closed Beta
Fallen Earth lay offs (late but still important)

Games Workshop sues Warhammer Alliance
Obama says games are bad for democracy?

Talking Points:
Cataclysm puling players back into WoW. Are you going back and why? Why can’t we escape this thing?
“In the year 2000” a look at MMOs that are coming up you might not have heard of: Planes of Telara, Copernicus project

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