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The Multiverse – Episode #17: “Ferrel Offends EVERYbody”

Happy Tuesday Folks, Another week, another Multiverse. Riknas was under the weather this week, so it was just Ferrel and I, with Ferrel at the helm. I’ve gotta say, I kind of like being a co-host. And a harvest queen– you’ll just have to listen to get that one. Ferrel was in rare form, too. …

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IP Owner sues Longtime WAR Fansite

Ark reports the news today that Games Workshop, the company behind the Warhammer IP dating back to its tabletop gaming roots, is suing Curse fan forum Warhammer Alliance. Ark provides the legal documents detailing the allegations but it pretty much boils down to using the word Warhammer without permission. Nevermind the fact that WA has …

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