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The Games We Play (or Why I’ve Enjoyed Gearscore)

As readers of my Lagwar column will know, my death knight recently hit level 80. I topped out with a low 2k gear score, some tanking skills, and enough defense to jump right into heroics. Even so, the late addition ICC 5-mans were still beyond me, so I had some work to do. In the …

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The Multiverse – Episode #16: “I am Betty White”

Happy Monday Everyone! To start the week off right, we’re here to bring you the one-week-delayed Episode 16 of the Multiverse. Things didn’t go off a smoothly as planned but the results are a funnier show. Go figure. This week, our main topic is what it takes for an MMO to get, and keep, our …

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The “I’m With Stupid” Add-on

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this post by Ixobelle. Now introducing, the I’m With Stupid add-on: the add-on which finally removes the need for all but a single person to think during a raid. Are you a raid leader? Then you too can turn your team into a group of shuffling and …

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