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The “I’m With Stupid” Add-on

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this post by Ixobelle.

Now introducing, the I’m With Stupid add-on: the add-on which finally removes the need for all but a single person to think during a raid. Are you a raid leader? Then you too can turn your team into a group of shuffling and hungry zombies! Brains —–> this way!

No Vent? No problem! With our patented system, you can now simply run to the big green circle, cleverly labeled “Run here nao!” Follow the arrows to epic loot!

AVR Add-on

Can’t remember your rotation? Fear not, that too can be your raid leader’s responsibility. Just ask them to write it on the floor. 3, 2, 1, done!

Not sure where the fire will land? It’s easy! Our system clearly tells you “Fire lands HERE!” in a big red square. No thought required!

Raiding has never been lazier!

In all seriousness, I’m with Ixobelle when he says that he respects the time and effort that went into developing this thing. But, this is a clear example of when add-ons go too far. Couple it with Deadly Boss Mods and raiding becomes little more than a countdown timer to epic loot.

It might be a good tool for raid leaders. Yet, I have to wonder what the point is if your specific purpose is to avoid all challenge.


  1. Yogi

    One more step towards diluting content for the sake of the lazy. Id like it more if it was a temporary drawing, kinda like Guild wars mini map function.

    I have to say though, anyone who downloads this addon should be prepared to see the frequent child like drawings of male sexual anatomy. It never fails. There will be some dork doing it in every raid.

  2. Tomasz

    As long as the API allows it, this addon will and should be used, as by not using it you’re making things artificially hard for yourself.

    I wouldn’t mind Blizzard trimming down the API to make addons like this impossible. One could then retain the “challenge” without shooting oneself in the foot in the process.

  3. Professer

    I would hate to see this become a standard in WoW. The game is already easy enough as it is. Taking out the meaning from your game play leaves you with a stale, boring experience.

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