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The Multiverse – Episode #27: “The More Things Change…”

Hi Everybody, Busy show this week! We were joined again by Gavin for the Flex Your Geek and MMO Voices podcasts, so thanks again to him for tagging along and keeping us in line. This week’s topics include: The Michael Jackson MMO – Will Bubbles live to see the morning? MMO Anniversaries – Three in …

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Why WoW Keeps Pulling You Back

When a player announces that they’re planning on leaving WoW, never to return, a lot of us roll our eyes, smile, and nod. From time to time, I’ll come across posts like these on the official forums, usually greeted by “you’ll be back” responses and promises of “we’ll see you soon.” That’s probably why I’ve …

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You got your duck sauce in my soy!

One of the things I love about blogging at MMO Voices is that I get to hear the opinions of people that are passionate about the same type of game as I am. We share our thoughts on game design, systems and mechanics, and relate recent experiences we may have had while playing. It also …

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