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Rift: Breaking the Trend… of Big Boobs? [RW]

The following is a cross-post of something I wrote for Rift Watchers today. I know not all of you read over there and I thought you’d find this interesting, so here we are 🙂 From now on, I’ll tag  cross posts with [RW]. Note: You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to come up with …

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The Multiverse – Episode #11: “Fixing the End Game (Plus Gold Selling)”

Hey Gang, We’re over our first big hump and coming back to you with Episode #11 of The Multiverse: MMO Radio. See that? I used our tag line. I always find using tag lines a little awkward, don’t you? Ah well. This week, we jump in and talk about buying gold, alternative advancement, and why …

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Are players wrong to feel entitled?

Gordon had a post up yesterday that asked whether modern day MMO players were lazy or if it just seemed that way since games are more accessible these days. I felt compelled to respond, which I did in the comments section, but I think that the topic of my response bears a little more hashing …

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