The Multiverse – Episode #11: “Fixing the End Game (Plus Gold Selling)”

Cuba wants YOU (out of the raid)

Hey Gang,

We’re over our first big hump and coming back to you with Episode #11 of The Multiverse: MMO Radio. See that? I used our tag line. I always find using tag lines a little awkward, don’t you? Ah well.

This week, we jump in and talk about buying gold, alternative advancement, and why quest hubs are the devil (Ferrel’s words, not mine!). It was a good show and we were joined again by the good folks of Drunken Legacy in the chat room.

10 points to whoever can tell me where the sound bytes in the beginning of the show come from!

If you missed the show this time, be sure to join us next week as we stream live. You can join us every Friday at 7PM Eastern, in chat too. Or, if you prefer, use the hash tag #multiverse on Twitter and we can take your comments that way.

Next week, we’ll be joined by Maxivik from Drunken Legacy to talk raiding: past, present, and future.

Without further adieu, here are this week’s notes:

Show Notes – 03/10/10 – Episode #11: Fixing the End Game (Plus Gold Selling)

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  • What’s happened this week?

  • What have we been playing?


  • All Points Bulletin Sending Beta Invites

  • EQ2 Wants You For St. Patty’s Day

  • Fallen Earth and Champions Heading to Facebook

Round Table

  • Gold Buying – is it ever acceptable?

  • Alternate Advancement – is questing outdated?

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