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I Appreciate Mythic Entertainment

But, it was not to be. Here’s the thing though, it had very little to do with the actual game and more to do with when I could play. Scenarios and open world PVP were fun. I loved them. The only issue was, as a daytime player, I would find myself waiting 2+ hours to …

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The Multiverse – Episode #10: “Linear, Shminear!”

Hey Gang, Well, we made it into the double digits! Join us this week as we celebrate hitting our 10th episode, with the help of our friends in the chat room! This show was a blast to record. It was full of laughs and good spirits, as we talked about what we’ve been playing and …

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Is it a good idea to base MMOs on books?

I updated the title to better reflect what this article is actually about. I got a few too many comments on my mirrors from people thinking I’d like all MMOs to be based on books. Given this, it’s not surprising that MMO companies have turned to books as settings for their games. The biggest one …

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Ace of Cakes: Warhammer Edition (pictures)

Tonight marked a big night for the Warhammer crew. It was the night the world saw their very own cake, modeled after a squig and it’s loveable throaty friend, the goblin! The show was entertaining to watch. Duff and the crew at Charm City cakes outdid themselves on this one and gave us some good …

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