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The Multiverse – Episode #10: “Linear, Shminear!”

Hey Gang, Well, we made it into the double digits! Join us this week as we celebrate hitting our 10th episode, with the help of our friends in the chat room! This show was a blast to record. It was full of laughs and good spirits, as we talked about what we’ve been playing and …

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Level segregation: the problem with guilds

As I’ve jumped around from game to game this past year, I’ve always made it a point to be sure I have an active guild to play with. I did the same with every character I had on WoW. This morning, playing through Fallen Earth without a guild, I did some thinking about why this …

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MMORPGS: Adult Playgrounds

When an elementary teacher gets certified, it’s done with the understanding that they’ve been taught how to teach the four key subject areas: math, science, social studies, and language. Bear with me here, because it gets around to games. When the time came for me to tackle my Methods in Science course, one of the …

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