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First Steps Into Storm Legion


Over the last few days, I’ve had the opportunity to dive head first into RIFT’s Storm Legion expansion. Getting in was smooth as butter and the new world is fantastic. We can criticize and commentate all we want but at the end of the day, I love the expansion model. It brings such an influx …

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My Experimental Interview with Trion and The Electric Steam Sale Experiment

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Happy Friday, folks. Today looks to be a beautiful day going into a great weekend. I’m a bit excited for tomorrow, actually. I’ll be doing a special podcast with the community team at Trion. What makes that even more exciting – or nerve-wracking – is that I’m going to be doing an experimental episode with …

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The Multiverse – Season 02 Episode 07 – “A Game of Bones”

Hallelujah! It’s 91 degrees in New York and we’re turning the heat up even higher with this episode of the Multiverse. This week we’re joined by our friend Gavin of Flex Your Geek, Rift Watchers, and, of course, Vagary TV! We have a great time talking about the week’s news, which includes Cryptic moving to …

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Rift Watchers – Episode #3: “Defining the Game”

Hi Everyone, We’re happy to present Episode #3: Defining the Game to you today. On this episode we talk about the changes to invasions over betas five and six, the updates racials, the new ancient wardstone system, and lots more. In segment two, Jeremy and I have a little debate over the proper definition of …

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Rift Watchers Podcast – Episode #1 – NDA-Free is the Way to Be!

Note: Don’t worry, these cross-posts won’t continue forever. I’ve been sharing things over here that I thought my readers might enjoy — and trying to get a little extra exposure. While some Rift-centric things that I feel are of interest to MMO players will still get posted at both places, consider adding that feed to …

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