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A Brief Update on The Multiverse

Update: The recording is done and was a great success. We changed up the topic portion a bit in a move away from the “big topic” variety we’d previously shot for. Let us know what you think when it’s up! Hey Gang, Just a head’s up about what’s going on with our little MMO show. …

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The Multiverse – Episode #18: “You are my Cold Sore (featuring Syp)”

Welcome back, everybody, to another episode of The Multiverse. We were happy to be joined by a surprise guest this week, Syp from Bio Break and his new digs at Massively! We covered the week’s news (which lead to some extensive and great conversation), what Syp’s been up to for Massively, and entered into Blog-o-Whirl …

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Some Assembly Required: The $25 Article

Hey Guys, I’m 8 minutes late in letting you know! Sorry about that. My latest article is up at Lagwar and in it I discuss the $25 CashCat SOE just dropped on their player base. I have a question for you guys, too. Why was everyone up in arms at Blizzard and so few EQ2 …

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Some Assembly Required: Tourism is the Lifeblood of the Industry

Happy Friday All, Just stopping in to let you know that my latest article is live over at Lagwar now. This week we talk about WoW tourism and why it’s a good thing for the industry. Since there’s nothing new here today, why don’t you stop over and have a look?

Games vs Real Life (a Guide)

Update: Okay, all of the links are live. Enjoy! Hey Everyone, Just stopping in to let you know that my latest article is live over at Lagwar.com. This week in Some Assembly Required, I tackle a topic near and dear to all of our hearts: deciding between video games and real life. It’s very much …

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First Lagwar Column, live now!

Hey Gang, Just popping in to let you know that my first article in my weekly Some Assembly Required column is live over at Lagwar.com now. To start things off right, I talked a little bit about MMO corporations and why I think they’re evil. Fun stuff, right? 🙂 I’d love to know what you …

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PSA: My New Column at Lagwar, Experimenting With the Site

Happy Friday Everyone, Today, I have some good news to announce: I’ve officially been hired on as Lagwar‘s newest writer! You probably know them from their popular podcasts, such as Lifenet for Fallen Earth. They’re also one of the few blogs to be mention on WoW’s official homepage. Not to mention, this is especially cool …

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