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The Multiverse – Episode #13: “Love Me Like a Half-Elf”

Hey Guys, Today we bring you the two-day delayed Multiverse Episode 13! And get this, we even recorded on a Friday. Get it? Friday. Thirteen? Ah well. We managed to avoid any unluckiness, though, and recorded one of our best episodes yet. This week, we talk all about online relationships. Psychochild dating Tipa? Syp eloping …

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So your spouse hates video games: pt. 1 – dropping your threat

Note: This is actually a re-post of something I wrote for my last blog, Fires of War. I like it though and I think it has a place here in case I ever decide to write the part two to this series. Besides, if Werit can do it, so can I! If you live with …

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