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The Multiverse – Episode #13: “Love Me Like a Half-Elf”

You said you'd bring me a pot pie...

Hey Guys,

Today we bring you the two-day delayed Multiverse Episode 13! And get this, we even recorded on a Friday. Get it? Friday. Thirteen? Ah well. We managed to avoid any unluckiness, though, and recorded one of our best episodes yet.

This week, we talk all about online relationships. Psychochild dating Tipa? Syp eloping with Cuppy? And did Syncaine really take out a contract on Wilhelm’s life?!? Get the latest celebrity blogger gossip right here and prepare yourself for the watercooler.

Seriously though, this is a topic I’ve wanted to talk about for some time and I think we give it a good go. As an MMO player, you’ve probably had to decide whether or not you consider your online relationships true friendships. I mean, if you’re not meeting with someone face to face, can you really consider it to be as valid as your weekend drinking buddy? And what about romance, which adds a whole extra layer of questions into the mix.

We hash it out, along with some discussion about EA’s subscription goals for TOR, April Fools’, as well as the recent company change ups at Blizzard and Cryptic Studios.

All in all, it’s good stuff.

Here are this week’s notes:

4/2/10 – Episode #13 – “Love Me Like a Half-Elf”

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  • What have we been playing?

Round Table

  • News
    • Bill Roper made Cryptic CCO… a promotion?!
    • Mike Morhaime now reports to Bobby Kotick. Blizzard 90% less fun.
    • EA announces target subscription numbers for SW:TOR. Promises never to reveal if they miss them.
  • April Fools’ Hits and Misses
  • Online Relationships: Are you friendships in MMOs as true as those in real life? Love in MMOs -or- How I Met Your Adopted Half-Elven Mother.

Host Segments

Shout Outs/Contact Information

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Thanks for listening, we’ll be back next Monday with Episode 14!


  1. Brian 'Psychochild' Green

    Hehe, thanks for the props, guys. Glad to have real fans out there. 🙂

    If you ever need another guest, drop me a line. 😉

    (BTW, you should see which side of the emoticon argument I’m on. ;P)

  2. Chris

    No problem, Brian. Thanks for putting out a quality blog! We might take you up on the guest spot too!

  3. Maxivik

    Advice for all you raiding players

    Don’t date people you work with.. It’s hard.

    Great show once again guys. I am happy to report that listening to the multiverse while outside on my running loop around the city makes the whole exercise thing a lot less painful. Though a word of advice, its tough to listen to a podcast that you enjoy while running with the lady, I often found myself not listening to her =p

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