PSA: My New Column at Lagwar, Experimenting With the Site

Happy Friday Everyone,

Today, I have some good news to announce: I’ve officially been hired on as Lagwar‘s newest writer! You probably know them from their popular podcasts, such as Lifenet for Fallen Earth. They’re also one of the few blogs to be mention on WoW’s official homepage. Not to mention, this is especially cool because I’ve been a personal fan of their’s for some time.

I’ll be writing a weekly column for them entitled Some Assembly Required. Pretty much, I’ll be doing somewhat like I do here, except… different. You’ll just have to wait for the first one to be published to see what I mean. I plan on spending a little time focusing on LotRO but, over the coming weeks and months, I’m sure I’ll touch on a lot of different things. The first one is due up next Friday but, keep an eye out, because I’ll probably pop up between submissions over there from time to time too.

With that out there, let me assure you that Game by Night isn’t going anywhere and won’t be affected by my joining the Lagwar team. From what I can see, we’ll likely be benefiting from it. Lagwar hosts lots of game nights, contests, and tournaments we’ll be able to take part in. Rather than reading and commenting, we’ll connect up in new ways and that makes me excited for the future.

This is still my main hub, though. The only difference is you might see me link back there on Fridays. I’ll be talking a little more about it on this week’s Multiverse, so tune in to hear the details.

Also, I’ve decided to play around with Google Adsense a little bit. I know what you’re thinking, booooo, hissssss, and so on. I totally get that and I want your feedback.

Here’s the low down, though. I’ve been blogging for about two years now and always had a pretty firm stance against advertisements on my sites. Except, I’ve come to notice that I really don’t mind them on other blogs I read. So, why not see if I can earn a little bit to keep the servers paid for? Any money that comes from ad revenue will be devoted back into the site. My secret hope is that, in enough time, maybe we’ll even be able to run a contest or two, or host a giveaway.

But, whether or not they stay will totally depend on how they’re received. If they bother enough people, they’re gone. Also, if I can’t keep gold farmers and Evony off of here, they’re gone too. Screw the lot of them. If I can’t manage that, I’ll turn my back on advertising with pleasure. For a couple days though, bear with me as I figure out how to make them as unobtrusive as possible.

That’s about it for announcements. I’m announced out. As always, thanks for stopping by. This blog has been a pleasure to run and maintain, and I take a lot of pleasure in seeing it grow and connect with the community. There’s no way it’s going anywhere soon.

Have a good weekend, Everybody!

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