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Dragon Age II: First Impressions

If you were a fan of the first Dragon Age, word has surely dropped from the apple tree that it’s sequel, creatively titled DAII, has hit store shelves to much split opinion. Some people really dislike it and I can see why. For my part, I’ve enjoyed it. In it, I’ve found a beautiful game …

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Return to WoW, pt. 2

Over the few days since we last talked, I’ve been spending most of my game time in World of Warcraft. It’s a funny thing and I liken it to going out on a date with an old ex-girlfriend. It’s a little awkward and a little familiar and you’re not quite sure about what important things …

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First Impressions: Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox 360 Version)

My plans for a midnight pick up didn’t quite work out but I was able to snag my copy this morning, just before noon. I eagerly brought it home, applied my codes and downloaded the included bonus content. I even decided to spring for the Warden’s Keep DLC. It’s worth noting that, even though the …

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