Updates and Upcomings; SimCity Owners: Grab Your Free Game From EA

I apologize for the recent quiet, readers, but it’s for good reasons, I promise. Most prominently is that I’ve been kicking up my writing across the internet. You can find more from me at Hooked Gamers, Vagary.TV, and most recently MMORPG.com than ever before. My grad work also wants more from me than ever before, as does my family and good will efforts, so balancing time for games and blogging has been a challenge. I’m not content to let things sit over here, though, so I have a couple of things in the works. Here’s what’s coming.

More, shorter posts: One of the more difficult things to manage is the sheer bulk of words I’m responsible for. On any given day, I’m writing anywhere from 1000-3000 words and sometimes much more. I still follow bloggers and journalists like a hawk and have things I want to comment on, so my plan going forward is to provide more frequent, shorter posts. I’ve aimed at this in the past, and we’ll have to see how it turns out, but that is my ultimate goal.

Bridging the site-gap: Most of you that continue to stop by here do so because you enjoy my writing and I thank you for that. Rather than ask you to add multiple sites to your readers, I plan to provide more frequent link posts pointing you towards my most recent work. It’s all video game related, with the exception of my weekly reviews of The Following, so it should be right up your alley. I would also like to start sharing my thoughts as I travel through new games for my Tourist column. This week is Fallen Earth, so I should have something so say about that shortly. Still a great game, by the way.

Independent Game Reviews: This is a personal project of mine and one of the key ways I would like to evolve the site. I review for different sites but not so much my own. I suppose I always figured that I needed an association to develop relationships in the industry but I don’t think that’s the case so much. I started this with Persona 4 Golden and I plan to continue it with SimCity next week.

On that note, those of you who have already purchase SimCity should stop by EA/Origin and claim your free game. The issues of last week were no doubt strenuous, so take some solace in a free copy of Mass Effect 3 or Dead Space 3. Both are a great bang for your buck, I promise you. A full list of games and instructions on how to claim yours can be found here.

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