What’s the deal Cryptic?

What’s with the silence Cryptic? I’m not much of a super-hero fan but Champions Online had me intrigued. No, not because it’s a new AAA MMO but because it’s a new AAA MMO for my console. I love PC games, I do, but there’s something appealing about the idea of becoming engrossed in a game from the lushness of my couch cushions. That’s where my butt groove is. Didn’t you ever watch the Simpsons?

I’m really hoping this game still releases for the Xbox 360. They haven’t said anything about not releasing it for the 360, or delaying it, but, if I were them, I’d be promoting its imminent release  like wild– if it were ready. After all, an MMO offers something SRPGs don’t. There’s a special appeal that could catch with the masses of ravenous Xbox fans out there.

So why haven’t they made mention of it in forever? I’m going to bet that, at very least, the console version gets delayed. Remember that other PC game that said they were releasing on the 360? And what’s their story now? They have other items higher up on the priority food chain. Let’s hope Champions Online does a little better and has a few less priorities before meeting their release promises.

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