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Episode 6 – Good Luck, Scott Hartsman!

Hello again, MMO Radio friends! We’re happy to return again for Episode 6 this week as we wish one of our absolute favorite MMO developers, Scott Hartsman, a fond farewell and good luck as he parts ways with Trion Worlds. Most probably recognize Scott as the Executive Producer of RIFT, but we look all the way …

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[DUST514] Battle Report #1 – Entering the game, the first three matches

Since DUST514 is a whole new kind of beast — which is immediately apparent when you log in — I thought I’d take a new approach to writing about it. Even though I felt more prepared than your average shooter fan, I knew within the first 20 minutes that it was going to take me …

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DUST514: Exciting Concepts but Tough Design

I’ve been following DUST514 for some time and can honestly say that I’m excited for the game.  The more I hear, though, the more it seems that CCP is building an uphill battle for themselves with the very things that make the game compelling in the first place. It’s complex. It integrates with an existing …

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