The Multiverse – Season 02 Episode 08 – “Milk Them Mode”

Hey Gang,

It’s been an interesting set of weeks and we thank you for sticking with us and awaiting this episode! Adam and I have our travel behind us, so we came together Saturday to talk about the utter WEALTH of MMO news that’s cropped up this last month. On the docket today:

  • RIFT’s state of the game address and looking into the future – too much open world PvP?
  • Fan Faire – What doth thou learn, ser Adam?
  • A brief trip down monocle lane…
  • Darkfall 2.0… a NEW game?!?
  • And much, much more!

This episode was very fun to record and Adam did a great job of putting it together. As always, if you like it, please consider dropping us an iTunes review!

Enjoy the show!

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