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The Multiverse – Season 02 Episode 02 – I Got the Chicken PAX!

Hi Guys, Season 2, episode 2! This week Adam and I are joined by Jeremy of the MMO Voices podcast and one of my partner’s in crime over at Rift Watchers. We have some great conversation on PAX re: MMOs here and more, including: The MMO “big wig” panel, featuring just about every studio head …

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The Multiverse – Episode #23: “The Little Things are Best in Space”

Hey gang, Another week, another Multiverse! This week we touch on the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning trailer, FFXIV’s recommended requirements, the cast of DCUO, and more! We have a clarification from last week, too. It seems that the reported 200k new subscribers for LotRO were actually beta applicants. Still impressive, in my opinion! Thanks to …

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