The Multiverse – Episode #23: “The Little Things are Best in Space”

This big thing is made up of lots of little things, other little things are going to land on the big thing. Do the little things blow it up?

Hey gang,

Another week, another Multiverse! This week we touch on the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning trailer, FFXIV’s recommended requirements, the cast of DCUO, and more! We have a clarification from last week, too. It seems that the reported 200k new subscribers for LotRO were actually beta applicants. Still impressive, in my opinion! Thanks to Green Armadillo and Doc Holiday for catching that. Green Armadillo also has a post up inspired by our conversation on GW2 from last week. Check it out here.

Our round table this week focused on atmosphere. After playing through a few of Cataclysm’s new starting zones, I started to notice just how immersive they felt – but not because of narrative; rather, atmosphere! We discuss what makes of breaks the illusion and what little noticed pieces we appreciate the most. Ending the segment, we answer an email from Deloryan, who writes:

Hi muliverse crew!! A lot of my friends turn off the music in wow and I don’t get it. I LOVE video game music and think it adds a lot to the experience. Do you guys listen to the music in games and do you have any favorites from the mmorpgs you play?

The last half of this show represents one of the funniest times we’ve had together. Riknas is finally shut out from the furry club. You’re in or you’re out and, unlike some kinds of club, we don’t mind talking openly about it!

Don’t forget to check out my blog of the week, Hunter’s Insight (latest post), for a great look at the upcoming Guild Wars 2. And, if you need a laugh, check out Riknas’s F2P game of the week: Arch Lord.

The ending music of this week’s show is also changed. In honor of my re-downloading the game, we’re featuring one of the most epic scores from Mass Effect 2.

Oh, and before I forget, my new year’s resolution (new year for the blog, anyways), I’m resolving to fit editing time into my Monday to get you these in a more timely manner.

Thanks for listening!

PS: We had some technical issues, so this show is a longer than usual. We’ll be back to our normal one hour format next week.

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