The Multiverse – Season 02 Episode 07 – “A Game of Bones”

Hallelujah! It’s 91 degrees in New York and we’re turning the heat up even higher with this episode of the Multiverse. This week we’re joined by our friend Gavin of Flex Your Geek, Rift Watchers, and, of course, Vagary TV! We have a great time talking about the week’s news, which includes Cryptic moving to Perfect World Entertainment, Age of Conan going F2P, TERA closing 22 of its 37 original servers, and Fallen Earth being bought by GamersFirst (of APB: Reloaded fame). Big change-ups this week, folks! The question is, which of these games will add in highly detailed fur-borne characters first?

Adam did an exceptional job polishing up this episode. Believe it or not — and you won’t be able to tell from listening — we had a bit of trouble slipping into NSFW territory with a couple naughty words. Thank you, Adam, for being our FCC (and a great producer).

We also announce the winner to our free gametime contest — so make sure to listen if you’ve left us a review recently!

Enjoy the show!

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