Rift Watchers Podcast – Episode #1 – NDA-Free is the Way to Be!

Note: Don’t worry, these cross-posts won’t continue forever. I’ve been sharing things over here that I thought my readers might enjoy — and trying to get a little extra exposure. While some Rift-centric things that I feel are of interest to MMO players will still get posted at both places, consider adding that feed to your RSS reader so you don’t miss out.

The guys at Rift Watchers and I are happy to introduce our new project: the Rift Watchers Podcast! Our show will focus on the big news and hot topics confronting the Rift community. Every episode will also feature a community spotlight – that’s for you and your blog, project, guild, or character – and a recap of what’s trending on the official forums.

This past Monday, Jeremy, Gavin, and I got together to record our first episode. On this show, we share our NDA-free beta impressions (featuring nearly every aspect of the game, including PvP) and our thoughts, concerns, and things we’re excited about for the future. We round out the discussion portion of the show by discussing a question we’ve heard echoed throughout the last month:

Since the NDA has been lifted, people have been sharing their thoughts. The overwhelming majority say that Rift is a fun, extremely polished game, but offers very little truly new (I realize this is debatable). While we may presume that this is to make the game feel immediately familiar, how will it impact the game’s longevity and it’s ability to stand up to the other 2011 stand-outs, Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic?

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