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Rift Watchers – Episode #3: “Defining the Game”

Hi Everyone,

We’re happy to present Episode #3: Defining the Game to you today. On this episode we talk about the changes to invasions over betas five and six, the updates racials, the new ancient wardstone system, and lots more. In segment two, Jeremy and I have a little debate over the proper definition of Rift: is it a PvE game, PvP, or something else entirely?

We also go through our usual forum watch, which we’ve dubbed the “Aren’t We Ornery” segment for this week.

Guild Giveaway: Lagwar and Vagary are teaming up to give away 6 guild forums. We’ll set you up with a password protected area just for your guild, with all the sub-forums you need. The first six guilds to respond will get these forums, free for your use. Just send us an email at the address below.

Email Call Out of the Week: What type of game do you see Rift as: PvE, PvP, or something else? Send your emails to riftwatchers@gmail.com and we’ll talk about them on the next show.

iTunes Shoutouts: We would like to thank: Trammel Hawkins, Lots of Coins, RemmyT, and the 3 anonymous 5-star voters. Remember, reviews are how new people will find us. Help us grow the show by leaving us a 5-star iTunes review.

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Forum Watch – Aren’t we ornery today?

Community Watch:

  • Rift Podcast posted episodes 29 and 30

Contact Information:

  • Twitter: Chris – @GameByNight, Jeremy – @_JWGoodsoon, Gavin – @GavinFYG

1 comment

  1. João Carlos

    You can skip PvP if you want. There is too an option for make you unPvPable (you need turn it on at options). So, PvP is only for who want it.

    The faster way to gain xp is closing Rifts and fighting invasions. The rifts are the center of the game. That public quest system is PvE.

    You can craft good gear, better than the ones you gain from quests. I am not sure if they are better than the PvP gear because I don’t tryed PvP (I had enough PvP with Darkfall…), but IMHO maybe the PvP gear be better for PvP and not PvE.

    The end game, that was just revealed by the dev’s podcast, is PvE and not PvP: raid rifts, special dungeons and raid instances.

    Rift is a PvE game, with some PvP.

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