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[RIFT] Do You Have a Responsibility To Fill Multiple Roles?

I died fighting a rift today. That’s a feat when we’re talking a minor RIFT and a Justicar, even two levels under. I died because out of five of us, two rogues and two mages besides myself, no one had a single healing ability — or didn’t want to use it. So here’s the question …

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On the Freedom of Roles – and Why People Don’t Use It

As we move further and further from launch day, we’re really starting to see how things are shaking out with the community. This is happening in a lot of ways, but probably the biggest is with the soul system. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there are a lot of clerics about. Not many …

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Why should some roles be more difficult than others?

During my World of Warcraft days, I heard an interesting description of the three trinity roles. It went something like this: DPS is a game, healing is a challenge, tanking is a job. That’s a pretty poignant assessment of the classes most of us play if you think about it. The description holds water pretty …

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