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One Year of Game by Night

Look at this, the one year marker for this site has come and gone and I didn’t even notice. Sunday was this blog’s first birthday and I’m very happy with how this past year has gone.

During that time, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Darren, Tobold, and Larisa. I’ve started a podcast and found great friends in Ferrel and Riknas, not to mention the hosts of the MMO Voices podcast and more. I’ve changed my handle twice, to my real name and back, trying to forge my online identity. Over the course of 301 posts, 1102 tags, and many great comment section discussions, I’ve taken some risks and come out better for it.

When I first started the site, my main goal was to pick up the steam where I left off with Fires of War. The MMO community has been incredibly welcoming and I’ve passed all of the goals I started with and find myself setting new ones for this coming year. Comment volume has picked up tremendously from when we started and that’s as satisfying a thing a blogger could ask for. In the coming year, I hope to see it grow more as I work to expand the site and share my thoughts on the genre.

The top post this year was my guide “Practical Tips for the Fallen Earth Newbie,” followed by “So You’ve Decided to Go Casual.” I guess that means a lot of us are past the hardcore days and are more interested in indie games and risk takers. As always, the latency guide proves to bring new people in every day, so I hope it’s doing folks some good.

I’m not big on meta-blogging, so this post is a little bit of an exhale for me. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank a few bloggers who helped keep me inspired and writing: Tobold, Larisa, Gordon, Ferrel, Syp, Beau and Leala, Spinks, Stabs, Cindy, and the whole MMO Voices community. If I haven’t mentioned you, it’s not because I haven’t noticed. Thanks for the support.

Most importantly, though, thanks to you for stopping by here and visiting with me. It’s nice to see so many familiar faces on top of the new who come to share their thoughts and comments. You guys make this worthwhile.

So, here’s to another year of Game by Night!


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  1. scrusi

    So “you” are a day older than “I” am? Dang! (Though your first post was on the 28th, making me older. So there! ;))

    Congratulations, of course and let me say that 301 posts in a year is pretty darn impressive, especially since the only short posts I ever see you write are the Multiverse ones which are only short when you don’t count the whole audio part 😉

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Green Armadillo

    Grats! 🙂

  3. Angelya

    Happy Blogaversary 🙂

  4. Scarybooster

    Grats on your 1 year. Great writing I enjoy it very much. Keep it up

  5. Trippin Ninja

    Congrats! I’m pretty sure I have been following your blog since the beginning. While I may not comment much I do make sure to stop by most days. I have always enjoyed your writing and now your podcasts. I just wish apple would let me download them without being on wireless at my house or I wish they could stop being lame on the flash support.

  6. Chris "Syeric" Coke

    Thank you everyone!

  7. Larisa

    A late, but nevertheless big Grats! Well done. I know how much effort it takes to keep going for a year.
    Cheers from Larísa (on vacation, but stopping by a computer for a few hours…)

  8. We Fly Spitfires

    Huge grats, Chris! The first anniversay is a huge milestone for any blog – it shows you’re committed, got what it takes, and able to churn out awesome articles! I’m a huge fan so here’s to another 10 great years of blogging!!

  9. KalibreOnline -Games, Life and Ent

    Congratulations! Very soon my site will turn 1 year too 🙂

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