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Mystery Science Theatre, but for Video Games

The Escapist is one of my favorite websites and it’s for reasons exactly like this. Uh, there’s an ominous glow at the door to see you. And if you’re over 18, here’s one for Dante’s Inferno. Oh, good. The breasts are safe.

Don’t Save the Princess

Really, just say no. Thanks to Sarcastic Gamer for linking to this.

So you’ve decided to go casual

Greetings fellow casuals and welcome to your first lesson in the wonders of casualhood. It’s a strange game we play, you see. Some feel that we’re “doing it wrong” or “wasting our time” or that we should “go back to WoW.” To these people, we flip the bird. Seriously, they can screw off. You see, …

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MMO first dates

This article is all in fun. Take it with a grain of salt 😉 Gordon’s right, MMOs are a lot like women and, *stretch*, you might say that I’ve been around the block once or twice. Yes, I’ve tapped on many a keyboard and wiggled a fair share of mice in my day. But, when …

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