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Why Trolls Puzzle Me

Just a quick one today and not gaming related. Still, I think the topic is relevant since we both find ourselves here cruising the blogosphere. I’m lucky enough to have a kind and courteous audience, but we’ve all come across trolls at some point. Trolls are those commenters who pop up now and again to …

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SW:TOR Combat a Little Meh?

I sat down with the new Star Wars: The Old Republic vid-doc today, after reading on Massively that Game Trailers had it up on exclusive. Now, I was pretty hyped up going on. What, with a couple of my blogger buddies being excited over it.  I believe the expression “Awesome Sauce” was used. So, I …

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So long, Common Sense Gamer

I just wanted to direct everyone over to Darren’s blog, where he announced yesterday that he’s retiring from blogging. He’s been at it a long time and has done a lot to support the MMO community, it’s sad to see him go. Head on over and say goodbye, if you haven’t already. Thanks Darren!

Community Spotlight: Darren from Common Sense Gamer

I read a lot of blogs. More often than not, I find myself wanting to know about the person behind the website, what they get out of writing, and what keeps them doing it. Then I thought, “Hey, they’re just people, why not ask?” So, today, I’m happy to present the first of what I …

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