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The Multiverse – Episode #30: “Return of the Schnitzel”

Happy Monday Folks!

Another week, another Multiverse! This week we talked about lots of fun stuff, including:

  • Blizzcon 2010 and how some kid broke his leg in the most embarrassing way possible
  • Final Fantasy’s trial extension
  • The multitudes of Halloween events
  • LotRO F2P finally heading to Europe
  • Main Topic: Minecraft being attacked by 4chan – are players really this entitled and are MMOs to blame?
  • Then there’s the other side stuff we always manage to include: The evil that is aspartame, why it’s bad to be a teacher with my name (and no, my name is not “screams like a girl,” though if I was a Native American, maybe it would be), Schnitzel, minecraft airships, and more.

This show was especially nice because we got to spread the Minecraft epidemic even further and infect Maxivik in the chat room. He bought it during the show and played it until 2AM. Welcome to the club, buddy!

We’re playing around with bed music this time, so please let us know in the comments what you think.

Enjoy the show!

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  1. hunter

    i’ve been wondering for a while, and haven’t even gotten to this episode yet, but what do you guys use to record? skype, callgraph and… something to edit with?

    1. Chris

      We use Skype for calls and go between two programs to record. On this recording, we used Pamela. Last week was Total Recorder (depends on who’s doing the recording). For editing we use Audacity, though for anything I want to throw reverb on, I’ll pull it into Adobe Audition. Audacity is great and easy to use, though, so we stick to that most times. Starting a podcast?!?! 🙂

      1. hunter

        Haha no, but i’m friends with the hosts of Relics of Orr, a gw2 podcast, and they’ve had some issues where they lost full episodes, and i remembered you having similar issues, so i got curious about what software you’re using.

        for reference they use callgraph, audacity, skype, and he recently bought pamela but had issues with it and lost an episode.

        1. Chris

          Ah, yeah… Pamela gets a decent quality but we’ve definitely had problems with it; that’s why Adam picked up Total Recorder, which he says is much better. The only reason I don’t have it is because I’ve been holding off until I find myself with some extra cash I wouldn’t rather spend on a new game or something. A lot of the bigger podcasts also use Powergramo. I can’t attest to anything with it personally, but everything Scott Johnson does is recorded with it and the quality seems top notch.

  2. Yogi

    Thanks for the shoutout guys. Im sure we can work out Armageddon via a joint show at some point. It will have to wait till I am back on the west coast and it may have to wait till Ferrel is back to schedule a time when it will work. Germany, East Coast, and West Coast collaboration could be interesting.



  3. Yogi

    Oh and I believe that BlueKae runs a lot more mods than us on FYG. We are waiting for the halloween patch to see how it effects the servers before we start playing with some stuff. It could be a different game format too.

    Yellow Vanilla is called Old Fashioned Vanilla. Usually easier to find in ‘less quality’ ice cream brands.


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