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FFXIV: Excitements, Concerns, and Beta Problems

After a brief delay, the FFXIV open beta is back on. I’m usually steer clear of betas, but I’ve been following this game too long not to try it out. It’d be like having to look at a new toy for three weeks before playing with it. So, around ten o’clock last night, I started …

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Things look ‘meh for Mortal Online

I’ve been following Mortal Online since before Darkfall hit retail. The game promised a lot of cool features in a totally sandbox environment. It was the Ultima Online for this generation of gamers, all wrapped in a beautiful 3D veneer. Except, with launch sometime within the next two weeks (all we know is “March 2010”), …

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Thoughts and images from Aion’s open beta

I had a chance to log in to the open beta twice since they’ve opened the doors. My experience has, so far, been very good. Since I’d played in the Chinese version, I wasn’t expecting too much different from what I’d already experienced but as someone who’s been following the game pretty closely, I had …

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