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FFXIV Just Scared a Lot of People Off (Recommended Requirements)

Word on the recommended system requirements for Final Fantasy 14 (dropping Sept. 30th) has been spreading like wildfire across the internet today. Here’s a direct link to the source, but I’ll repost it here: The following PC specifications are required to run the game smoothly with our stipulated in-game settings. Window Size and Display Mode …

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Unbeatable Bosses and Other Things to Fear in FFXIV

Reading through the recent edition of the Mog Log over at Massively, the topic of FFXI’s infamous 18 hour boss fight was brought up. This is the kind of thing that frightens people away from Final Fantasy MMOs, and rightfully so. 18 hours is too long for any boss; a single hour turns the fight …

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FFXIV Set for (Half of) Launch

I’ve been pretty sketchy these last couple days when it’s come to checking my feed reader. Imagine my surprise this morning when I opened it to see a release date for FFXIV! September 30th (PC)! Yay! And March 2011 (PS3). Doh. I was really hoping for a simultaneous release on this one. Since I’d first …

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Analyzing the Latest Details From the FFXIV Beta

Midway through last week, Game Informer got hold of the “Alpha” manual from one of the lucky testers selected to get in. There’s a good amount of info we already knew in the article, but there are some other tidbits that are pretty unexpected. The article hasn’t gotten that much blog attention since it hit …

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Six reasons I’m excited for Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV)

I got my PS3 for one main reason: Final Fantasy 14. The funny thing is, when I’ve told people about this, a lot of them think I’m crazy. On friend even asked me if I hated myself that much. Considering the reputation FFXI earned, I’m guess I’m not surprised people would be skeptical. Yet, at …

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