The Multiverse – Episode #15: “Schnitzelholic”


Happy Tuesday Folks,

We’re well on our way into the week. So, to make work/school go a little quicker for you, we bring you our fifteenth attempt at MMO Radio. I think we’re getting this down 🙂

Ferrel was stuck in Germany due to the volcano, so we spent a little time talking about the food and fun he’s been having over there. After that, we moved on to the week’s news (sparkle pony, WB buying Turbine, Brenlo leaving SOE, and more) and our main topic: When is it time to part ways with your MMO?

It was a good show.

Remember, you can take part in the program by sending us email at multiversepodcast@gmail.com. Or, you can join us during a live recording in the chat room. Or, last but not least, send in questions via Twitter by using the #multiverse tag.

We’re taking requests for subjects you like to hear us discuss, so be sure to send them in. At some point, we’d like to do a Mail Bag episode, where we highlight you, in all your inquisitive glory.

And, as always, thanks for listening!

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