Cancelling my subscriptions

As some of you may have read, I lost my job about a month ago. With the economy in the state it’s in, I’m having some trouble finding a new one that will work with my course schedule. I have a claim in to the labor board about the conditions surrounding my leaving, so with any luck they’ll find in my favor and allow me the compensation I earned before being pushed out. Until then, however, I’m having to make the tough choices and cut out unnecessary parts of my budget.

I’m changing my car insurance to Geico (the lizard is saving me over $30 a month), changing the payment options for my phone, and, generally, cutting out unneeded spending. For now, that means all of my MMO subscriptions. So, in the next 30 days I’ll be left with my lifetime to LotRO and nothing more.

I don’t see it as a bad thing, really. I’ll miss Fallen Earth but it was always a game I didn’t feel pressured in. It was a place to go and hang out for a while. It’s also reinforces that I made the right decision in planning ahead with the lifetime with LotRO. When I bought it, I was still with my previous employer, a very corporate place, and I knew that there was always the chance I’d find myself without a job at some point. So, I took the dive to make sure I’d have a game to play in that circumstance. And here we are, in that very situation.

My subscription to Aion will run out around the 24th of this month and somewhere around there for FE too. If the labor board finds in my favor, I’ll probably re-up FE but, for now, I’m going to focus on preparing for Mirkwood and getting myself into any betas I can.

That’s the update for the moment. Hopefully it won’t last long.

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