*SPOILERS* Wow’d by the mage tower

This post has spoilers. So, unless you’ve beat the mage tower, don’t read on. 😉

With that out of the way…

mage sanctum

Mage sanctum

Last night, I felt the first real pulls of Dragon Age in a serious way. No, I felt the story before and was interested but that mage tower brought it to a whole new level. There were surprises, tense spots, and battles that I only survived by the skin of my teeth. Tip: kill the mages first, or they’ll make you regret it.

Unless you’re playing a mage, this will probably be totally unexpected a new territory. You get sent into the fade by one of the most horrible abominations you’ve encountered. From there, it’s puzzles as you hop from island to island in the nightmarish dream you’re made prisoner in. How freaking cool is it to shapeshift into the Burning Man or the Spirit Walker? I wish the console had a zoom function so I could get a better look at these guys.

The final few islands where you save your group mates were excellent touches, too. I feel like I know my party members on a much deeper level than I did before. The sloth demon that runs the place appeals to their innermost desires and blinds them to the truth. But, to you, they talk in the most ominous demon voices I’ve heard in a video game. This whole area was an exceptional touch to an already great game.

Now, I have the help of the Templars in overthrowing the traitor Loghain. Although, I’m starting to wonder when I’ll actually be able to specialize my warrior into a berserker. I’m level 9 now and, according to the manual, I’d have the option to customize at levels 7 and 10. I don’t recall specializing at all at level 7, unless they mean picking up the Warden’s Keep abilities. I’m hoping I didn’t miss something I’ll have to backtrack to fix.

Anyways, I was up FAR too late playing that game last night and, as a result, I wound up sleeping my morning away in a dreamless daze. No Fade for me, thank-you-very-much. What do I want to do now that I’m rested? Figure out what happens next.

After RL gets squared away, I’m heading back to Ferelden. With any luck I’ll get to hand Loghain his iron-clad backside.

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