The Multiverse – Episode #21: “Overhauls for Cash”

Hey Gang,

Sorry for the silence on the Multiverse front. We’ve been recording this whole time, honest, but a mix of travel and technical issues have kept us from getting them out to you. Well, that ends today.

We begin with Episode 20, in which we group up with the MMO Voices podcast for our very own crossover event! This show was recorded on June 18th. The news is a little outdated (sorry) but the conversation is excellent. Thank you to the MMOV podcast for sharing a show with us!

Next, we have this week’s regular show, Episode 21. We talk about the usual news and move onto the main topic of MMO overhauls. We’ve seen it with SWG, we’ve seen it with Global Agenda. Is it a smart move? My favorite part of this show has to be our own personal overhauls. Let us know what you think!

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Episode 20 (right click, save as): [audio: http://vagary.tv/multiverse/episodes/multiverse20.mp3]

Episode 21 (right click, save as): [audio: http://vagary.tv/multiverse/episodes/multiverse21.mp3]

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Thanks for listening!

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