The awesomeness that is WoW: Cataclysm

Thank you to Keen and MMORPG.com for the tip because now I have a good reason to get excited. More information on the new World of Warcraft expansion has leaked out and it looks like old world Azeroth is in for a bit of a makeover.

According to MMO-Champion, Deathwing and Asharza will cause the near total decimation of Azeroth. Thousand Needles will be flooded. Durotar in ruins and Orgimmar split in two. In a word, epic destruction. Two words. Whatever.

If this news proves to be true, it will make this expansion more worthwhile than any that have come before it. By reworking the old world, they give a new setting for the 1-85 leveling game. From what I’ve gathered, they want this expansion to be experienced by all players and not just the upper echelon and that’s certainly the way these seems.

Effectively, this will create a whole new leveling experience. With the changes they’re making to the world, it’s guaranteed to be a whole new leveling experience. Combined with the new races and class/race combinations, it will be worth leveling through the whole game all over again. Unlike the last expansion, there will be a reason to make a new race other than to look at a pretty new elf model. Or, you know, an alien if you’re into that kind of thing.

More than that though, this expansion stands to breathe new life into the game for a long time to come. How many of us have rolled alts while caught in the WoW trap? This will almost make a new game out of the one that exists now. New story, new setting, same mechanics.

My main issue with WoW was the glacial speed at which new content gets added. Before this news, I planned on coming back for the expansion, leveling to cap and probably wearing out again. Now, I can look forward to a longer experience. Those who don’t like leveling will have lots to do post-80, I’m sure.

Apart from all of this, they’re also adding flying to the old world, which is a welcome addition to many. It is, after all, something people have been begging for since shortly after the launch of The Burning Crusade. Oh, and lots of new lore. I’m very interested to see where things head. Apparantly, Thrall won’t be heading the Horde any more. The new leader, Garrosh Hellscream is a little more hotheaded too, what with declaring out and out war on the Alliance. Fun, fun stuff.

One thing I have to notice about leaked expansion info is the lack of Cataclysmic goodness for Eastern Kingdoms and the Alliance. I’m guessing that we’ll hear quite a bit more come Blizzcon. We’d better or else you’ll see a lot more people rolling Goblins come the expansion. And a lot more complaining on the forums.

Combined with Aion and LotRO, I should have a busy 2010.

Now, this may all be a little early, but who wants to bet this releases around October of next year?

PS: Am I the only one who thinks Goblins should be able to collect cash faster than the other races?

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