Brief update on my gaming

Hey Guys,

Sorry for posting a little less around here the past couple of weeks. To be honest, I was feeling a little burnt out on MMOs after my WoW binge, so getting my PS3 encouraged me to recharge my batteries for a little while. Over the last few days, though, I’ve been coming back to my PC gaming roots more and more with LotRO.

I’ll tell you, getting into the mid-30’s completely changes that game. Going from the far-too-long North Downs to the too short Esteldin, all the way to Angmar and the Trollshaws within 7 levels (I dinged 37 the other day) really breathes new life into the game. I’ve really grown to love the art style and realism they’ve gone for. Which is probably why I enjoy the nature-y zones more than the gloomier ones. When places like the Trollshaws throw you into autumnal bliss, the washed out grays and barren landscapes of Angmar are boring by comparison. I’m really having fun though. Never knowing what’s around the next corner is something I truly enjoy, so I’m keeping with it, slow as ever.

In other news, I finished Uncharted 2: Among Thieves last night. I’m notoriously bad when it comes to finishing single player games, so this was a testament to how damn good this game is. The last game I got all completionist about was Super Mario 64. Yeah. It’s worth owning the system for.

Now, I’m playing some Call of Duty and MAG, while I wait for March’s big releases to come out. I’m still not sure if I’ll get Heavy Rain but… I’m tempted. My compulsive nature is egging me on, but I’m tempering myself for Final Fantasy 13, God of War 3, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I’ll have more games than I can handle with just that. Stay strong, inner resolve. Stay strong.

Anyways, that’s the outlook right now. I don’t know whether I’m done with WoW again or not. My subscription expired today and I haven’t re-upped it yet. Money is somewhat of an issue until Substitute Teaching picks up this week. I miss hanging out with my friends and family on there but in my last pull away, the game’s claws pulled out of me a bit and I’m not really feeling compelled to jump back in at the moment. I’ll probably be back soon enough but until some extra cash comes rolling in (post-bills) I’ll probably let it sit and play my free games for a little bit. See, now if there was a F2P option for the game, or a lifetime sub, I would have happily taken Blizzard up on it and probably be playing right now…

Oh, and I’m trying FFXI. On the PC this time. Since I’m doing a FFXIV podcast, I kind of owed it to myself, my co-hosts, and the listeners to give it a fair shake.

That’s all for now, it’s off to class with me! Have a great Monday everyone!

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