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Review-Preview: Stick it to The Man!

Today, I would like to announce my new YouTube channel, GBNPlays. I’ve actually been interested in this for quite a while but only recently decided to make the plunge and learn video editing. I have all of the pieces in order and can begin putting out videos as quickly as I can capture and upload them. …

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If you’ve played Heavy Rain, you’ll get that. If not, watch the video and you’ll understand. This guy’s commentary made it too good not to share. Wait until the end.

Aion: … wow, just wow.

Have you guys had a chance to see the new Aion Vision trailer? NCsoft is touting this youtube video as the future of Aion and, if it all plays out, there’s a lot of hope for the game. I mean, really. They’re taking things to the next level. Here, have a look. Here’s the TL;DR …

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