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Review-Preview: Stick it to The Man!

Today, I would like to announce my new YouTube channel, GBNPlays. I’ve actually been interested in this for quite a while but only recently decided to make the plunge and learn video editing. I have all of the pieces in order and can begin putting out videos as quickly as I can capture and upload them. In case you’re wondering, this doesn’t mean I am going to stop writing (ha!) or start focusing on single player games and Let’s Plays. This is still an MMO blog, first and foremost, but I spend so much time playing different games that it makes sense to share some other commentary.

This week I am sharing what I call a Review-Preview, which is essentially me playing a game during the review process and sharing some commentary. So a short, possibly one-off Let’s Play, in essence. The game is really something special.

Welcome to Stick it to The Man, the PSN darling turned Steam convert. I am enamored with this game. Think Tim Burton meets Little Big Planet meets Tearaway with excellent writing and even better voice acting. Everything in the world, except for its wonderfully creepy character art, is made of cardboard. Our protagonist, Ray, finds himself under a military airplane brought down because, well, cardboard and rain don’t mix very well. Little does anyone know that the alien on board has made its way into Ray’s brain and is using him as a host, providing him with a spaghetti arm flailing from his head.

The arm is the game’s secret weapon. Ray can use it to read minds and interact with the game world. While there is some light platforming, the real mechanics come from using the arm to peel back layers of the world, pick up stickers, and place them to solve puzzles. It is, in many ways, like the best sort of adventure game: funny, memorable, and genuinely compelling.

If you could take a moment to subscribe, I sure would appreciate it. If not, just enjoy the video 🙂

I plan on recording a lot of MMO specific videos, too. Stay tuned for more!


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  1. Liore

    Hey, welcome to YouTube! I added you as a Featured Friend on the Totally Legit channel. 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/totallylegitpub
    Liore recently posted..Fifth Day of Listmas: Favorite Podcasts of 2013

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