So, apparantly, I can’t ubsub from Fallen Earth

Update #1: Trying to re-up it didn’t work. I sent an email in to account support. I’ll let you know what happens.

I don’t like recurring subscriptions. I just don’t, the mental weight of that extra monthly bill bothers me. So, I usually pay for a month and then cancel the subscription right there.

I didn’t do that with Fallen Earth, this last time. I don’t know why. When I remembered though, back on the sixth, I went through the usual process of unsubscribing. If I recall correctly, and I may not be, I believe I was redirected to PayPal.

Something happened and I had to go into PayPal to cancel it. I know that much for sure.

Anyhow, when I next logged into the account management system, I noticed that nothing had changed with my subscription plan. I was still set to recurring. I tried to cancel it again, using the unsubscribe button right there on the page. I got an error message saying “(3) error from PayPal” and then a transaction code.

Alright, I thought, maybe it’ll take a few days to update. PayPal is usually slow like that. I walked away and forgot about it. I logged in today, however, and found that my subscription was set to renew yesterday and never did.

Thinking for sure I’d be locked out and told to re-up, I tried logging in. Lo and behold, the patcher came up, updated, and let me play without a problem.


I don’t expect this to go on and, honestly, I don’t want it to. I don’t mind paying for games and don’t believe in getting things for free. This seems like a pretty big oversight, though. Someone overlooked the possibilities there.

I’m going to try to resubscribe and see if that fixes the glitch. If not, I’m off to support.

For the moment, it looks like I’m playing without paying.

I feel… kind of dirty. So much so, I’m kind of afraid to logon until it’s fixed, in case they think I’m trying to cheat the system. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen.

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