Update: podcast, gone fishing!

Hi everyone,

Finals week was an absolute killer, so I’m taking it easy here for a couple days. I haven’t disappeared totally, however, since we’re still on for recording the show tonight. Unfortunately, Syp may not be along after all on this episode due to some real life obligations. At this time of the year, that’s more than understandable, so we’ll hold down the fort until he’s able to come along for the ride. Reminder, we’re talking storytelling and immersion tonight, so any questions or comments you have to throw in, please submit them before 7PM EST, either here or by email.

I hope everyone’s finals/midterms (for our high school friends) went well and that this holiday season is treating you kindly. Now, I’m off to the DMV and then Christmas shopping. With any luck, I’ll come home to find my Guardian transferred back to Landroval when I come home and I can join up with my new guild, the Council of the Secret Fire. As it turns out, I knew more people there than I thought (Hi Kae and Phebe! ), so I’m thinking I’ll feel right at home. Maybe I can even get some podcasting advice from the more experienced among us? We’ll see!

Until next time!

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