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Am I the only one…

… that uses my numberpad when I play MMOs? I was checking out this post at Aionic Thoughts and it reminded me of just how dominant left hand control of skills seems to be. Maybe it’s a carry over from my days of playing MUDs but I find the number pad to be a much more comfortable and flexible control scheme for all areas of play.

The "Merc"

I usually bind skills both to the normal 1- = above the letter keys and secondary bind them to the numberpad so I can choose what’s appropriate. If I’m in PvP and using the mouse a lot, sometimes it’s more convenient to use standard number keys but most of the time I find it a lot easier to hit the modifier (shift, alt, ctrl, whathaveyou) with my left pinky and the numberpad key with my right hand. I seem to avoid more left hand acrobatics that way.

Maybe I’m just behind the times but when I tried one of those “mmo specific” keyboards it just felt awkward. Some people swear that those keyboards give you an edge but I’m hesitant to drop the extra money on something that I might stumble over.

I wonder if lumberjacks ever think about this stuff.

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  1. Sinnir

    I’m a “clicker” therefore I fail epically! I guess its all these years of playing a healer and its always been a one or two button mash so theirs never been much to it LOL! Now times have changed, games have evolved and I don’t have my beloved ProfitUI in Aion so I have to actually press buttons on the keyboard ! Its complete blasphemy !!!!! 😛

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