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Aion Just Jumped the Shark

A sampling of their new cash shop:

Must... pre-empt... Governator...

We demand the re-instatement of Plumpy into Candyland. All your lollipops are belong to us until Plumpy returns to his rightful place of encouraging childhood obesity. With plums.

Get it? Mellin?


There's a Star Wars game coming out, you say....

And my personal favorite…

Good angels get a halo. Bad angels get a fucking chainsaw. What now, fool?

Yes, that’s a chainsaw. An angel wielding a chainsaw.

Can you at least train Logging with it?

I haven’t played the game in a long time due to the let-down that was the Abyss. Tell me, is this the cash shop of a game doing well? If you love the game, I’m happy for you. But for a game who took itself so seriously a year ago, this kind of yells “to hell with it, boys, let’s burn this sucker down.”


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  1. Stabs

    That has to be an April Fool.
    Stabs recently posted..WoW- When we said THAT- what we totally meant to say was THIS

  2. Chris

    Nope. Totally legit.

  3. Mojeaux


  4. Yarr

    From day one Aion has had some silly weapon skins, such as the giant fork poleaxe, fish sword and carrot daggers, to name a few. It is all a bit of fun. The cash shop ones have actually been out for quite some time, but I’ve only seen a few people with them; two with the chainsaw and one with the light saber. We have a character on my main server named Granny, that looks like a little old lady, but she is a higher level templar with the chainsaw weapon skin. She is quite popular for those that want to have a screenshot of her with their character. And yes, I have some pics of my characters with her. ;P

  5. Hunter

    I admit its silly, and a bit immersion breaking, but surely we need a bigger obstacle to refer to it as jumping the shark. Lots of games have silly weapon skins.
    Hunter recently posted..Fresh Meat

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