The Multiverse – Episode #32: “A Turkey’s Guide to Immersion”

Hi Everyone,

After a prolonged break, we are back with Episode 32, A Turkey’s Guide to Immersion. Kind of a funny title, but it is, of course, to give credit to Mr. Beau Hindman Turkey who invented them some years back in Vanguard. At the time, they were the guide for the Immersion Project, which aimed to immerse players into their game worlds and help them feel like their characters. This sentiment is something that’s been lost in time. Game environs have moved beyond the realm of worlds, as we previously knew them, and into the role of settings. The simulation is lost and in that transition, much of the sense of character players previously held has also fallen by the wayside.

For a while, it seemed like these rules were lost, no longer applicable, but I was happy to see him post them again, much more publically on our go-to news site Massively.com. They got a good reception, something, honestly, I didn’t think they’d get. Commenters even suggested some additions to the list. I guess it shows that people still want a little bit of that old school RP – even if you don’t RP, but to feel like a character instead of a projection – in their games.

Since Riknas and I are both big fans of the rules – conceptually, mind you; they’d be awfully hard to stick to in the long run – we broke them down in our main discussion and really got into the roots behind it. I think it made for a great conversation and I hope you do too.

We also spend some time talking about our thoughts on Cataclysm, how I found the Shattering, as well as the week’s news. Make note: Riknas, fervent anti-WoW MMO player promises to play WoW if there’s enough demand for it. Send in your emails and comments! I have a sneaking suspicion that he may find out it’s not as bad as he thinks.

Special Note: Thanks to the kind folks at Trion Worlds, Vagary will be giving away 5 VIP beta keys beginning next week. This will be to kick off our new sub-site blog, Rift Watchers, authored by myself, as well as Jeremy and Gavin from the MMO Voices podcast. The Multiverse will be promoting the giveaway and providing directions for entry. The site will be going live by the time next week’s show posts to iTunes. We hope to see you there!

As always, thanks for listening and send in any questions/comments/suggestions to multiversepodcast@gmail.com.

Enjoy the show!

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