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The Multiverse – Episode #31: “They’re Barely Even Games”

Happy Pre-Black Ops, Folks!

Don’t let that mislead you. We don’t talk about Black Ops on this show; I’m just excited.

There was a lot of great news this past week, MMO and gaming in general, so we thought we’d take a show and break it all down for you. There’s lots of great MMO talk from the headlines we picked, so buckle in and get read to hear about:

Most of the conversation focuses around the three major stories, but we spend some time talking about Fallout New Vegas too. Come Fly With Me, Internets.

Enjoy it and don’t forget to drop us an iTunes review. Share the love, gamers!

Oh, and PS: Last week’s show, though discussed through for the full hour was lost, once again, due to the Skype recorder we previously used. We’ve switched to something new, improved, and much more reliable. Please let us know what you think of the quality!

We also welcome your email at multiversepodcast@gmail.com.

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[audio: http://vagary.tv/multiverse/episodes/multiverse31.mp3]

UPDATE: Whoops! Looks like editing something at the end threw off the track alignment in the beginning. We’re reuploading a fixed version now. Sorry about that!


  1. hunter

    so pamela screwed up?
    hunter recently posted..Plans Within Plans

    1. Chris

      Yes, unsurprisingly. What happens is that if anyone drops out of a conference call it stops recording and doesn’t show it. Wouldn’t be so bad except it didn’t save the first file, either. When we first tried, Ferrel’s connection dropped out for about 2 minutes midway through.

      I had enough, though. To heck with losing out on shows because of bad coding. We picked up PowerGramo and it’s been much better. I think the call quality is better too. It’s harder to tell because Ferrel’s connection was weaker this week, but I’d like to know if you think so too. Help justify the purchase lol.

  2. hunter

    it was hard to tell because i listened to it before reading that you were updating due to tracks being out of alignment.
    hunter recently posted..Plans Within Plans

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