How WoW saved my butt tonight

I haven’t had much time for gaming the last couple of days. My wife and I secured a two-bedroom half house, so yesterday was spent packing and today moving. A couple of good friends came and helped out too, both of which are big Warcraft fans.

One, Orin, is a friend I’ve played with in almost every MMO I’ve tried, so we spent a good amount of time talking about the upcoming WoW expansion, Aion, LotRO, and the various other games we’ve been following. Overall, it made for a good visit, even though we spent most of the day moving furniture.

Midway through the day we took a detour to my college to pickup the textbooks I’d been avoiding. Since my car was still filled with boxes, Orin offered to drive. When we were done, he dropped me off at the old apartment to pick up my car, my books still in his backseat for lack of room in my own. Sure enough, they were  still in his backseat when he left. A couple of hours later, and after a few panicked moments of searching, I called him to discover a truth I’d hoped wasn’t the case.

Now, for most of my friends, I’d just take the drive out to their place to pick them up. And so arises the problem. At this point, it’s 7:30PM and Orin lives a good 90 minute drive away. On top of that, there’s not putting off the pick-up since I needed the books for an assignment. I called him to see if he’s meet me somewhere in between. As luck would have it, he was short on gas and waiting on a paycheck for his next fill up. Checking my wallet and finding only a debit card, I resigned myself to making the full trip.

About half way there, it hit me. I called him right away and asked, “Hey man, I can’t offer you cash right now but what would you think about 1000 gold in WoW instead?” Sure enough, that clicked his trigger and convinced him to make the extra drive. Twenty minutes later, we met in a parking lot and I had my books.

Right now, I’m feeling pretty freaking grateful WoW decided to go casual.  If epic flyers still cost 5000g, I’d still be scrounging at my current 3000. Instead, I find myself with a 2000g surplus with enough to offer my buddy a good starter fund for his newbie. Thank you part-timers!

So, tonight, I say thank you to Blizzard for getting me home before 11 o’clock. This is probably the only time in my life where WoW will save me time. Now that I’m home, mostly unpacked and well worn out, I think it’s time to relax with a good game.

Maybe I’ll even be able to get a start on that, right after I read this chapter on literary theory. Oh college, you old rascal!

Tomorrow awaits folks, until then!

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