Quick notice

I’m going to start signing my comments as “Chris (Game by Night)” from now on. I’m doing this because there’s now about three Chris’ commenting in the community and it becomes a little confusing. So if you take note of this, know it isn’t an attempt at blog whoring or trying to sound like I have more authority. Just one of the unconsidered side effects of going by my real name.


  1. Ferrel

    You could also color your posts differently like I do! It works well other than the fact that responses somehow get colored too. I’m going to work on that in my next revision.

    1. Chris "Syeric" Coke

      Well, here I’ll probably leave it as is for now since I’m the only Chris around. On other blogs though, I’ve actually caught myself wondering for a second if I’d posted something I hadn’t. To put my blog name in there almost makes me feel a little… I don’t know, dirty. Like I’m worrying about selling myself I guess. I could always go with “TheoneTRUEChris” is all else fails :-)

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