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Living In Azeroth vs. Azeroth Living Here.

Hello Game By Night readers!

My name is Gavin or as most of my fellow adventurers know me, Yogi.  Let me start by throwing out a thank you to Chris for letting me have the chance to terrify and bore his reader base.  It’s not very often that someone is willing to let others play around with their prized blog, and I hope to leave it in shambl… erm the pristine condition I found it.  I spent most of my morning over a cup of coffee trying to decide whether to allocate my energy to a thoughtful well rounded post, or just to wake up.  Seeing as the former requires the later, you will be pleased to know that I am very much awake.  Still waiting on that thoughtful part, though.

I decided to start the process of posting by searching for material to talk about here on Game By Night.  I began rummaging through the dusty back logs of Chris’s posts, looking for a gem of motivation or some material that I could provide a nice counter rant to.  Alas, the guy seems to be too on top of his game and has left me with nothing but instinct to further humiliate myself with.  I hope to provide some intellectual content mixed with a little humor in the future. This first post, however,  is going to be less intelligent and more Yogi working out his caffeine buzz. That said, let’s get going!

A little under a week ago, Chris asked you all what MMO world you would like to live in?  I am still trying to answer this question myself.  With so many wonderful worlds to explore, I can’t decide between flying space ship, casting spells, or just having the opportunity to stand next to an elf babe hoping that she finds my ability to run in fear, cute and charming.

At first I started to agree with Chris. Azeroth sounds like a fun mystical world to live in.  With a variety of landscapes and interesting creatures to see, I think it would be an experience full of wonderment, until you looked around.  It may just be me, but have you ever considered how much killing is going on in the MMO world?  Slay these beasts, take these organs, destroy these pirates.  Hey pirates can be evil, but I know one of the hundreds killed daily has to have a family waiting back home for daddy Longshanks to bring home the booty.  If not sooner, when I was ‘level’ 65 ish and touring Nagrand elbow deep in Talbulk terd, the wonder would begin to fade.

Each and every one of these MMO worlds we participate in seems to be torn in some sort of chaotic war.  Sure it is pleasant from our cushy office chairs, but I dont think I could stand wandering into creepy dungeons with animated dead bodies as ‘friends.’   “What is that a dead slug?”  “Oooh, sorry bout that.” *replaces left ass cheek*

Perhaps I am taking too cynical of an approach on the fantasy of living in one of these games.   I guess it’s better than the ALTERNATIVE of trying to make these worlds exist in ours.  The Massively article (linked previously) talks about Game Nation is trying to build “the world’s first Experiential Video Game Theme Park and Resort. Visitors will become players as they step into a realistic re-creation of a world filled with myths, legends and arenas all crying out for their champion.”


To me this sounds like a fantastic and fun idea for exploration.  Although I doubt it will be an open world and progression will be as linear as a Resident Evil title.  I just cant seem to wrap my head around this idea catching on.  Sure I would love to be able to wear a flowing cloak.  Yes, I would love to sip down a pint with an orc or a gnome.  No, I don’t want some terrifying theme park mascot asking me if I would like to party with him through the blank gaze of a giant mask.   The most support for one of these theme parks would have to come from A) people who already dress in cosplay  and run around the woods throwing streamers for magic or B) children.   My imaginary role play will probably never get to the level of group A.  Ill stick with DnD where if an orc kills me, I can now go grab a soda rather than sit in the bushes hoping a priest trips on me.  As for group B, do you really want to wander around a world made for kids?  I mean Hello Kitty is awesome, but I dont want my theme park questing to be nostalgic of my middle school home ec. class.   I can’t help but feel sorry for any employees that would have to play roles within the park.  Sure it is nice to imagine they would all be working there because they love to RP. Realistically, most of the positions would be filled with people just wanting some work.  I just imagine these people having bad attitudes, and that is about as useful for my immersion as the 12 year old talking about women’s anatomy in trade channel while linking his Deep Wound skill.

So I guess I have come to the conclusion that at this point, I am happy just playing them as games.  All of the wonder and excitement with none of the realty.  Although if I absolutely had to choose one mmo world to live in I think I would go for EVE.  One of the few galaxies you can spend your time at the local space station drinking cocktails while your skills magically improve.

Thanks again to Chris, and thank you all for reading.


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  1. Chris "Syeric" Coke

    This article literally made me laugh out loud at least three times. Bravo sir, nice work 🙂 Thanks for being on board. I’m looking forward to more!

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