The Multiverse – Episode #6: “Guest Starring: Karen”

How you know when you've made it big...

How to know when you've made it big... Scientific American, baby.

Aloha, dear readers,

We’re on schedule this week, and present you with Episode Six of The Multiverse podcast! We were joined by Karen from A View From the Top and Shut Up, We’re Talking podcasts, as well as the Journey’s With Jaye blog.

In honor of her stopping by, we decided to talk about guilds and what they mean to players and in the MMOs they’re a part of. We also talk a little bit about Everquest 2 and the upcoming battleground system. We decided to change up the usual host segments a little bit, so we also spent a little time talking about the changing definition of F2P and Ferrel’s recent trials with Blizzard, after they’d banned the account he’d just had restored and secured… for exploiting!

I think this is one of our best shows yet and we here would like to know what you think too. Give us your thoughts in a comment, iTunes review, or send us an email. We’d like to expand the show and can’t do it without your help, so join in and be a part of our crew!

Here are the notes for Episode Six:

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Show Notes – January 29th, 2010 – “Guest Starring: Karen”

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